Eyedea Recognition s.r.o.

  • EyeFace SDK
  • Number plate reading - for both static and moving recording systems
  • Vehicle type recognition - car type and driver identification
  • Eye motions analysis - enabling the disabled to control a personal computer

What we offer?

Software routines for object detection and object recognition prepared according to customer specification and based on cutting edge research results in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Why choose us?

Long-term research and development experience in computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence.



1 July New version of MMR SDK released. Version 2.8.0 covers new car models of 2020 for EU, US and Asia market. Extended Technical Sheet was added for improved customer experience.

20 January New version of MMR SDK released. Version 2.7.0 covers new car models of 2019 for EU market. Newly added personal car trailer category.

4 October 2019 New version of EyeFace SDK released. Version 4.6 improves face detector and fixes bugs.

30 June 2019 New version of MMR SDK released. Version 2.6.0 brings rear model recognition and improves accuracy across recognition tasks.

30 April 2019 Results of AI Awards 2018 were announced. Eyedea Recognition was finalist in cathegory Company of the year. Jiří Matas, founder and co-owner of Eyedea, won Special price for the visibility of the Czech Republic in the world of AI. Congratulations to all the winners.

9 April 2019 Our cloud MMR API has been updated with a new beta release, featuring car generation and variation recognition.

2 April 2019: INTERPOL has taken over the database RELIEF developed by Eyedea Recognition s.r.o. for the Czech Police. The database RELIEF enables law enforcement to identify the origin and routes of compressed drug deliveries and shipments through an automated comparative analysis based on AI methods. More

19 February 2019 LPM ADR module 6.5: Better performance on color images, better detection of invalid ADR tables.

06 February 2019 Eyedentify MMR 2.5.0: Completely new binary models for vehicle classification with actual data for 2018/Q4. Added support for GPU descriptor computation and batch descriptor computation.

5 February 2019 EyeWnr SDK 1.7.0: Better OCR performance on cargo trains.

31 January 2019 EyeDentity 1.3.2: New track can be now added manually.

11 January 2019 MMR-REST-SERVER: New version of the ready to use MMR & ANPR server application released. GPU support added. The application is delivered as a Docker container image.

21 November 2018 LPM Multiline-EU module 6.6: 1.4x OCR speedup.

20 November 2018 LPM EU module 6.6: 1.9x OCR speedup, better country classification performance.

19 November 2018 LPM ADR module 6.4: 9.8x OCR speedup, added detection of invalid ADR tables.

30 October 2018 EyeDentity 1.3.1: New project file format, faster video processing

25 September 2018 Anonymizer GUI 1.0.0: Initial of our new tool for easy anonymization of images based on our AnonymizerSDK.

27 July 2018 LPM EU module 6.5: Better post-USSR states classification.

27 June 2018 Eyedentify MMR 2.4.1: Completely new binary models for vehicle classification with actual data for 2018/Q1.

26 June 2018 LPM EU module 6.4: Added support for separator char for German and Austrian plates.

13 June 2018 MMR-REST-SERVER: New ready to use server application with REST API running our MMR SDK and ANPR SDK. The application is delivered as a Docker container image.

18 April 2018 LPM EU module 6.3: 1.4x OCR speedup, 9x lower memory consumption.

18 April 2018 LPM Multiline-EU module 6.4: 3.3x OCR speedup, lower memory consumption better OCR performance.

9 February 2018 LPM ADR module 6.2: New CNN model, better OCR performance, detection of TRASH and empty ADR tables.

13 November 2017 Eyedentify MMR 2.3.1: Completely new binary models for vehicle classification with actual data for 2017/Q3. View type (frontal, rear) is now the one of the vehicle classification outputs.

09 Nov 2017 Anonymizer SDK 5 now available! Optimized memory consumption and evaluation speed. Improved 2 line EU licence plate anonymization.

27 June 2017 EyeFace SDK 4 now available! Deep network face attribute recognition now real-time in our software.

14 March 2017 NIST FIVE report finished! Our Face Recognition software achieved 2nd place in forensic analysis of videos. On standardized hardware, we processed the videos an order of magnitude faster than our competitors. [PDF]

13 January 2017 Anonymizer v4.1.0 released. Improved face and licence plate detection. Newly added 2-line licence plate anonymization.

10 January 2017 Co-founder of company Eyedea Recognition prof. Jiří Matas has been appointed to the scientific board of fund for support of science Neuron. More

12 October 2016 Our software Eyedentity is being used by the elite French counter-terrorist task-force SDAT Anti-terrorisme, DCPJ, Police Nationale (France).

29 June 2016 Europol choosed our solution Eyedentity for face recognition. The software Eyedentity is being successfully used in fight counter terrorism and during investigation of organized crime in the states of EU.

24 Mar 2016 We have updated our vehicle recognition software. Check our web demo!

31 Jul 2015 The EyeAnonymize SDK developer's guide and manual reference are now online.

30 Jul 2015 The Handy builds (32bit and 64bit Linux distributions), developer's guide and online manual reference released. Download the new version here.

13 May 2015 Our face detector achieved the highest detection rate on the challenging MALF dataset, beating Apple, Google and Microsoft!

30 Apr 2015 The new EyeFaceGUI v3.12.0.0 released (a demo application based on EyeFace SDK v3.12.0). Download the new version here.

21 Apr 2015 The new EyeFace-SDK v3.12.0 released. New award winning face detector (FDDB) and many small fixes. Download the new version here.

16 Dec 2014 The new EyeFaceGUI v3.11.0.0 released (a demo application based on EyeFace SDK v3.11.0). Download the new version here.

12 Dec 2014 The new EyeFace-SDK v3.11.0 released. New polished C# wrapper and improvements to tracking&re-identification pipeline. Download the new version here.

10 Dec 2014 'Are You There', the art installation by Yvette Hamilton, based on EyeFace-SDK, has been awarded the 2015 Dominik Mersch Gallery Award, the major prize at the Sydney College of the Arts. Congratulations!

25 Nov 2014 The new product EyeDentity was released. More »

3 Nov 2014 The new version of EyeAnonymize-SDK was released. More »

19 Aug 2014 The new EyeFace-SDK v3.9.0 released. It contains the new 21 points facial landmark detector, java wrapper added. Download the new version here.